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The Invention Rooms is generously supported by:

  • The Mohn Westlake Foundation
  • The Berkeley Foundation
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • The Elsevier Foundation

The Invention Rooms is an exciting and unique new space coming soon to White City. A mixture of workshops and interactive spaces, it will allow members of the community to come together with our staff, students, alumni and partners to test out their creative ideas, and share in the excitement of research and innovation.

Opening later in 2017, The Invention Rooms is situated on Wood Lane in a former office building, not far from the White City underground station.

It will feature a number of distinct zones:

  • Reach Out Makerspace – a workshop and design studio for young people from the local community. A programme of activities will offer hands-on experience of prototyping new products and models – from wearable technology to household gadgets. The aim is to transform lives by sharing practical skills in design, innovation, manufacturing and entrepreneurship, and to build young people’s confidence.
  • Interaction Zone – a vibrant public events space where local people and College partners can discuss science and connect with Imperial’s research through a wide-ranging programme of events and activities. There will be meeting rooms for seminars and classes, as well as an informal café area for social events, exhibitions and community activities.

  • Advanced Hackspace – a workshop environment providing access to specialist prototyping and manufacturing equipment for a 2,000-strong network of inventors and entrepreneurs from the College’s student and staff body. These facilities will include workshop technologies, such as robotics and 3D printing, and a bio-lab, which enables synthetic biology and molecular fabrication.

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