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VarsityFest 2017 - it's all fun and games

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Key dates

Saturday 25 February
Waterpolo VarsityFest
16.00 Ethos

Wednesday 1 March
Hockey VarsityFest
10.00 Harlington

Saturday 4 March
VarsityFest 2017
10.00 Heston

March is the month of VarsityFest where the Imperial Medics take on Imperial College for the 15th year across 11 sports. 

The festivities begin with Hockey at Harlington on Wednesday 1 March. Transformed into a sporting arena, come along and support your side from the grandstand. There'll be a BBQ, music, drinks and live entertainment for the first games of VarsityFest.

Then join us at Heston on Saturday 4 March for a day of fun and sports. Aside from all the thrills of the matches, there'll be plenty of other activities too: live entertainment, a chill out zone, facepainting, food and drink stalls and more! You'll be able to watch all the matches live and relive all the best moments on our giant screen. There'll be plenty to keep you entertained before we get to the showcase and headline matches. 

Tickets will go on sale in January. Follow all our VaristyFest updates and find out more about our teams on the VarsityFest facebook group

Rugby Men's 1st team Varsity match notice

Regrettably, a decision has been made that the IMRFC 1XV and ICURFC 1XV will not partake in VarsityFest 2017. This comes as a consequence to the Medics' progression in the United Hospitals Cup competition, the final of which is on 03/03/17, a day before Varsity.

The United Hospitals Cup is a 142-year old competition that invokes passionate feelings to the current students as well as alumni from all the London medical schools, and IMRFC could not possibly give up the opportunity to play in the final.

Although the Medics relish the rivalry they hold with ICURFC and would have loved to have played in this year's Varsity match and in the wonderful atmosphere of the day, they have held talks with ICURFC and Sport Imperial and have come to the decision that it would not be appropriate, nor indeed safe, for the Men’s Rugby 1XV match to take place.

The Imperial College Varsity is an event that displays the best sport that the University has to offer, it was agreed that, by playing two important games in as many days, the IMRFC 1XV would not be able to play to the best of their ability and as such the integrity of such a competitive match would be lessened, and would not be of enjoyment to either side, nor the spectators who will have paid to attend. In addition to this, the intense physicality of the game would mean that the risk of serious injury to many players would increase.

Whilst the 1XV match will not take place at VarsityFest, there will still be rugby played on the day between the 2XV and the 3XVs of the respective clubs; arrangements will be made for the 1XV match to take place on a separate date.

We appreciate the incredible work that Sport Imperial has put into organising such a fantastic event and apologise that the 1XV match cannot take part in VarsityFest 2017. There is no doubt that this is the safest decision for all players involved given the current circumstances.

We wish the best of luck to all participants in both Hockey Varsity and VarsityFest2017 and IMRFC would like to thank Sport Imperial, ICURFC and everyone involved in VarsityFest2017 for your understanding. Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any further questions about this decision.

Yours faithfully,

Kiran Patel
IMRFC Club Captain 2016/17


Josh O'Donnell
ICURFC Club Captain 2016/17

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