Preparing your advertisement

When drawing up your advertisement, you should ensure that the advert content:

  • Reflects the representative work activities detailed in the relevant Job Family grading description
  • Conforms to the College's standard templates in order to ensure consistency
  • Sells the job to potential applicants
  • Attracts high calibre applicants and motivate them to apply
  • Encourages  applicants who do not meet the requirements set out within the person specification  to self-select out of the process
  • Is clear, concise and informative
  • States the main duties and responsibilities, as detailed in the job description
  • States the essential skills, qualifications & experience needed, as detailed in the person specification
  • Includes any other key points e.g. contractual terms, indicate the benefits of working for the College, etc
  • States who to contact for further details

Advertising templates

Placing your advertisement

To place an advert, please forward a completed Request to Recruit and Advertise with Funding Approval form to your HR representative. 

Please note that for the Lecturers appointments, the approval routes set out below should be used:

  • For Lecturers and Senior Lecturers in the Faculty of Medicine only:
  • For Clinical Senior Lecturers only:
        • Send job description/person specification to the relevant NHS Trust for approval, and request in-principle agreement to an honorary contract being issued to the successful candidate
        • Send job description/person specification to the Royal College Regional Adviser for approval
  • For Clinical Lecturers only:
        • Send the advert and job description/person specification to the Specialist Manager at the Postgraduate Deanery for approval if the role counts towards specialist training.


Step 1 - Review the redeployment register
      • HR will review the College’s redeployment register and advise you of any potentially suitable College staff who are currently at risk of redundancy.
      • The shortlisting panel should consider staff at risk of redundancy and, where they meet the minimum criteria, interview them before the post is advertised or, if the post has already been advertised, as soon as practicable thereafter.  Where they demonstrate that they fully meet the requirements of the post, they should normally be appointed to the post.  Where they do not fully meet the requirements then the post can be advertised.
Step 2 - Advertise on the College's Job Applicants' website
      • HR will place all vacancies (except those of 6 months duration or less) on the College’s Job Applicants' website for a minimum of 2 weeks.
Step 3 - Advertise externally
      • If you wish to advertise externally, please provide details of the publication or website on the Request to Recruit and Advertise with Funding Approval .
      • All posts must be advertised externally for a minimum of 2 weeks.
      • Where there is a possibility that a non-EEA candidate might be recruited under Tier 2 of the Points Based Immigration System, you must ensure that the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) requirements are met.  This will impact on both where the advert is placed and for how long.  Please discuss the process to be followed with your local HR representative before requesting that an advert be placed.
      • Where a criminal records check may be required for the successful candidate, please discuss this with your HR Manager.
      • Once HR have a proof and costings from the recruitment advertising agency, they will email these to you for approval. If you require any amendments, HR will liaise with the agency to obtain an amended proof.
      • Once you receive the final draft proof and costing, you should raise a Purchase Order (PO) number(s) using the iProcurement system (for further information please see the 'paying for your advertisement tab' on this page).
      • You should then email the relevant PO number(s) to HR and confirm your final approval.
      • HR will then arrange with the agency for your advertisement to be placed in the requested media.
Additional information - Use employment agencies and headhunters
      • Specialised posts can sometimes be filled by using an employment agency/headhunter. 
      • A list of recommended suppliers is available from the Purchasing website.

When engaging an employment agency/headhunter, you must ensure that: 

    • They have a clear equal opportunities policy.  If this is not evident, e.g. from their website, you  should ask them to forward a copy of this to you and retain it locally.
    • They will seek applications and candidates from the widest pool possible.
    • Prospective applicants are able to identify both the employment agency/headhunter and the College as the employer from any advert or literature used.
    • All posts are also advertised internally on the College’s Employment website and externally through the College’s recruitment advertising agency.
    • Where there is a possibility that a non-EEA candidate might be recruited under Tier 2 of the Points Based Immigration System, you check with your HR representative if it is permissible to use employment agencies/headhunters to recruit and, if so, what requirements the employment agency/headhunter must fulfil in order to meet RLMT requirements.

Paying for your advertisement

For HR to arrange placement of  your advert externally, you will need to provide a Purchase Order (PO) number(s) once you receive the final draft advert and costing. 

  • To raise a PO number you will need to  use the iProcurement system. The majority of Divisional/Departmental Operational Managers (DOMs) and Administrators (DAs) have access to iProcurement however if you do not please follow the guidance on the Purchasing website.
  • Raise separate PO numbers for adverts placed via Penna (the College’s recruitment advertising agency), and any other media where you place adverts directly rather than through Penna as they are separate suppliers.
  • Most website/publication names are obvious, however some are not as clear as they might be. This list below shows those most regularly used.  If you are unable to identify the correct publication please email Accounts Payable at for assistance.


Publication nameiProcurement supplier nameiProcurement site
 Penna Penna  ORDER 1  Warwick University Services Limited  JOBS AC  The Science Registry Ltd  ORDER PAY  The Science Registry Ltd  ORDER PAY
 Stonewall  Stonewall Equality Ltd  ORDER PAY

 Raising a Purchase Order (PO) Number using iProcurement

  • Access iProcurement
  • Select the option ‘Click here to order from all other suppliers’
  • Complete the first page with the following information: item description, category, amount and supplier name, see example - advertising PO example 1.
  • During the checkout process:
  • Enter Buyer and Supplier  only as the output method, see example - advertising PO example 2,  in order to receive an e-print i.e. an email with copy of the PO in pdf form.
  • Enter the cost centre and activity code for charging purposes.
  • Item Type, select - services billed by amount
  • All recruitment advertising is VAT exempt, for intended use, select - 3 - charitable advertising
  • Once approval is granted, you will receive an email confirming the PO number(s), and a PDF of the PO (which you should retain for your records).
  • You should then email the relevant PO number(s) to HR and confirm your final approval.
  • HR will email Penna,, etc to confirm the final approval and relevant PO number(s).
  • Penna,, etc will in turn ensure advert placement within the requestPenna,, etc and a confirmation email sent to you automatically enabling you to check any invoices against your records. 

 If you require any further advice or assistance please contact:

 Further information on how to place a PO can be found on the Purchasing website.