Festival feedback

Your feedback is very important to us - many of the significant Festival developments to the programme like the Schools Day and the full weekend opening have come about as a result of comments from our visitors about previous Festivals.

2017 Evaluation Report

During and following the 2017 Imperial Festival our evaluation team carried out interviews with hundreds of attendees, exhibiting researchers and volunteers. You can read their thoughts in the 2017 Imperial Festival Evaluation Report.

Year-round feedback

Though you can no longer contribute to the official Imperial Festival evaluation, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in contact with us. At any time throughout the year you can email us with queries, comments or suggestions about past or future Festivals.

Alternatively feel free to Tweet us @ImperialSpark using the hashtag #impfest.

 We look forward to hearing from you.

Imperial Festival Evaluation Report 2016

Robot Zone

This year the popular Robot Zone returned and was bigger and better than ever. A huge net provided flying space for drones, insect-inspired robots roamed around a tunnel and robots designed to be worn on the body were on display.


The Sensorium provided a series of sculptures and exhibits to explore how design affects our interaction with everyday items, and how it can influence our behaviour. The Sensorium was a collaboration between students studying design engineering and the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace.

Clem 1 the steam engine

For the first time in over 50 years, Clem 1 (now called Joanne)-the College's original steam motor tractor mascot, returned to Imperial to join the current mascots and historic cars as part of the Transport Zone.

Robot Dance

A dance performance from Combination Dance Company featured a high-energy opening sequence and a fun interactive section explaining how the brain communicates with our muscles, leading to an emotive finale illustrating the relevance of this research in the battle against motor neurone disease.


Festival goers got up close and personal with snakes and gained some fun facts about fascinating furry and scaly critters, with expert Imperial researchers and the ZooLab team – the UK’s number one animal-handling experience company.

Man with a french horn

The Trans-Siberian March Band, a London-based thirteen-piece Balkan brass, entertained the crowds at this year's Festival. The group’s flamboyant, high-energy performance style has earned them an established reputation on the Balkan, burlesque and festival scene both in the UK and beyond.

Superbug zone

At Imperial Festival, the Superbug Zone took visitors on a journey into this world of micro-life. From ancient bacteria to toxic fungi, Festival goers got face-to-face with living things on the tiniest scales.

Carbon Capture Pilot Plant

Visitors toured the campus and visited a number of labs including exploring behind the scenes at Imperial's futuristic four-storey Carbon Capture Pilot Plant, the most sophisticated of its kind in an academic institution in the world.

Girl cutting ribbon

The lucky winner of our Imperial Festival 2016 competition, Stanislava Rumyantseva, formally opened this year's event at a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday 7 May 2016.