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All our events catering is provided by the award-winning in-house catering service team, using the freshest and highest quality local produce. 

We offer a comprehensive event catering service and our award-winning chefs can produce mouthwatering menus to accommodate any taste. There is a great selection of food and drinks for you to choose from and the team can help you create the perfect catering option for your event. 

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Our menus have a great selection of food and drinks and you can book most of the items online using the Rooms and Catering system. Feel free to contact us if you need any help. 

The team can take direct orders for the following items:

  • canapés - 3 working days notice 
  • evening entertaining items  - 3 working days notice 
  • fork buffet items - 3 working days notice
  • formal dinning items - one week's notice 

* If you would like to book catering for your events at Charing Cross or Hammersmith campuses, please email us at For urgent enquiries, please call 020 7594 5258.

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