Imperial is committed to providing dedicated support to its staff and students in order to ensure they maximise their potential and progress regardless of their disability.

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The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Centre can provide some information, advice and guidance for disabled staff and/or their managers. This includes reasonable adjustments and support available within and outside the College, such as Access to Work. All discussions are held in confidence.

The College is working with DisabledGo to provide accessibility information for all our campuses.

Comms has guidelines on accessibility that should be followed when producing materials. Comms also has a web skills module on accessibility for website managers.

Information on Disability Support

Declaring a disability


The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Centre (EDIC) encourages disabled staff to declare their disability to their line manager and on the ICIS system. ICIS is the College's online employee self service system where you can view your payslip, book training, and update your personal record. This is confidential; only you as the employee can see your record. The only other access to information held in ICIS is given to specifically authorised persons who are responsible for complying with the Data Protection Act and Imperial's policy on security of information.

We hope that all staff will feel comfortable declaring a disability and the more people who do so, the better informed the College becomes about the facilities and support that should be in place for staff. The HR declaration page has further detailsIf you would like to discuss declaration please get in touch with your HR contact


Students can delcare their disability:

  • as part of their UCAS application
  • to the Disability Advisory Service
  • to their department
  • by updating their student record

Students should seek help from the student Disability Advisory Service.

Support for staff

The College is committed to making reasonable adjustments for staff to enable them to achieve their full potential and progress in their roles.

Information for Disabled Staff (Word) guide outlines the departments and individuals within the College that can help. Similar Disability Support Information for Managers (Word)‌ guidance is also available to enable managers to fully support a disabled member of their team.

The College encourages staff and their managers to use our Staying Well (SWELL) Plan Template (Word) to help discuss adjustments and plans that could be put in place. A personal SWELL Plan can be used to proactively manage health and wellbeing. 

These webpages intend to give an overview of all the support available to disabled staff and their managers:

Support for students

The Disability Advisory Service exists to advise individual students no matter what their disability to ensure that they have the support they need. They also act as the first point of contact for prospective students or their parents, seeking information about disability support for students within Imperial College. Their service is both confidential (information about you is only passed on to other people in the university with your agreement) and individual in that any support is tailored to what you need.