A Pimlico Connection volunteer working in school

Volunteering as a Pimlico Connection tutor gives you the chance to spend time in a local primary or secondary school, where you will work to improve the academic knowledge, confidence and interest of pupils, whilst giving them an insight into university life, and acting as a role model. You will be fully trained, and will be inducted on the UK schooling system.

Tutoring takes place on Wednesday afternoons between November and March. Each tutoring session lasts between one and two hours per week. You’ll also need to factor in travel time to get to the school, which could be up to 45 minutes each way. Training is provided for tutors before tutoring starts and throughout the programme. You will be reimbursed for your travel expenses.

This scheme is run in partnership between the Outreach team and the Students’ Union, so you will have access to a wealth of training opportunities, which will really boost your transferrable skills. If you successfully complete the Union’s Imperial Plus Certificate or Accreditation you'll have the chance to record the skills you've gained in a way that's useful for employers.

To find out more about what our tutors did in 2016–17, please download the ‌Pimlico Connection 2016–17 Annual Report (pdf).

To apply to become a Pimlico Connection tutor for 2017–18, please complete an application form by 9am on Friday 20 October.  Tutors for 2017-18 will need to attend a compulsory training session from 1-4pm on Wednesday 25 October 2017. 

If you have any queries or require further information about the programme please email the Outreach team.