Nominations for 2018 are open from Monday 13 November to midnight on Friday 9 February 2018

Click here to take you to the online nomination system.  (If you are accessing the system off-site, please make sure you are connected to the VPN.)

Detailed instructions on how to make a nomination can be downloaded here (PDF)

For further information on the awards please contact Joanna Ivison in the Education Office.


Who can make a nomination?

Nominations can be made by staff and students from all areas of the College,  except Teaching which can only be made by staff members.

Nominations in the Teaching category should be made by the Head of Department after discussion with the staff-student committee. Heads are also invited to seek student views in any other appropriate ways available to them. appropriate academic colleagues should also be consulted. eg DUGS, DPGS. The nomination should also include the results of SOLE (covering the last two years) or any other form of written students feedback, if available, together with samples of the candidate's course design activities if appropriate.

Who selects the winners?

The awards are decided by a selection panel, representing both staff, past winners and students. The Teaching category is chaired by the Vice-Provost (Education), the Research Supervision category is chaired by the Director of the Graduate School, and the Supporting the Student Experience is chaired by the Director of the CLCC.

can i nominate someone who has already won a president's award?

Previous award winners may not be re-nominated for the same category of award until at least three years have passed since their previous success (i.e. winners of 2015, 2016 and 2017 cannot be re-nominated for the same award in 2018). 

Summary of Changes for 2018



The criteria in the category has changed to:

  • Made teaching more interactive
  • Developed online/digital tools to enhance the curriculum and/or innovate pedagogy
  • Fostered an inclusive and diverse culture
  • Produced innovative assessment and feedback methods

The number of awards in this category has reduced from up to 15 to up to five. The medals in this category have been reduced from up to four to up to two.


From 2018 nominations for Excellence in Research Supervison must include a reference from the Head of Department.


From 2018 this category should be used to nominate staff who provide excellent pastoral care.

To reflect the removal of the Pastoral Care category, the number of awards in this category has increased from up to five to up to ten. The medals in this category have been reduced from up to two to up to four.