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Find out more about Green Imperial, who is involved and how you can be part of it.


What is Greening Imperial?

Greening Imperial is an initiative designed to understand and improve how Imperial College London implements sustainability and action on climate change. This is an all-encompassing intiative, looking at everything from how it operates as a campus to how it supports policy makers with environmental challenges. The aim is to deliver evidence that will inform a new College-wide strategy on sustainability and action on climate change, and provide a set of feasible recommendations to help the College in the short term.

Considering how the College community can be part of this strategy is critical to its scoping, delivery and, ultimately, its success. Over the coming months, all students and staff will be able to engage on this topic as part of our consultations. Please see ‘How can I get involved?’ for further details.

What will Greening Imperial deliver?

  • A shift in awareness and attitude towards sustainability and action on climate change at Imperial College London
  • A series of recommendations that will enhance environmental resilience and help incorporate sustainability in all areas of Imperial engagements
  • A framework to understand, enact and sustain behaviour change with relation to the College’s waste streams
  • A means of benchmarking Imperial’s performance against peers 

Why is it happening?

Imperial College London is a world leader in research relating to environmental and sustainability studies. However, more can be done to ensure we put into practice what we are experts in. Students, academics and professional staff are spearheading Greening Imperial, with support from the Provost's Board, to identify opportunities and coordinate thinking within within the College so we can maximise action on sustainability, the environment and climate change.

When is the project running?

The Greening Imperial scoping study will run until 29 October 2017, after which all the resources and findings gathered during the initiative will be passed on to the Provost's board. This includes findings from our College-wide community consultation on the topic.

Over the summer, further detailed analysis will be undertaken focusing on a few key areas.

Who is involved?

A steering group is overseeing the delivery of Greening Imperial. It includes members drawn from a cross departmental and community pool, and is chaired by Professor Joanna Haigh, co-director of the Grantham Institute, and Professor Geoff Maitland, Professor of Energy Engineering. Academic departments, Imperial Estates and the Student Union are all represented on the steering group. The day to day project management is undertaken by Daniel Hdidouan, with support from Alyssa Gilbert, Director of Policy and Translation at the Grantham Institute.

How can I get involved?

To share your views and thoughts, please complete our survey.

If you would like to get in touch with us personally, please email the Greening Imperial team – Greening.Imperial@imperial.ac.uk.

What does the survey cover?

The four main parts to sustainability and action on climate change we are considering in this study are:

  • Operations and actions
  • Education and teaching
  • Research and innovations
  • Support and collaboration

The survey will cover these points, helping us to better understand what Imperial is doing in terms of sustainability and action on climate change, and what Imperial might be able to do in the future. Your views are anonymous (unless you otherwise state) and they will inform and support a strategy on sustainability and action on climate change for the College in the coming years.

The survey should only take 7 minutes of your time.

Complete the survey now.